Application Development

Businesses may lack the resources—or imperative—to make the leap towards Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Asterminds Application Development solution offers a way for companies to evolve into Service-Oriented Enterprises at their own pace.

Evolve into a Service-Oriented Enterprise

With Asterminds Application Development, businesses can expand and improve their applications over time via small, discrete development projects.

This approach allows for better scaling of application development. It also facilitates a gradual transition towards implementing Service-Oriented Architecture

A Comprehensive and Collaborative Approach

Asterminds helps businesses continually expand and improve their applications via small-scale development projects. Our full lifecycle approach incorporates application development and support within a single contract.

You can also benefit from our Application Development Factory framework. This is a factory model for application development that can help you reduce cost and overhead, while increasing productivity.

Applications are designed, built and supported by our Accelerated Solutions Environments. In addition, we work closely with your in-house resources and third-party suppliers to ensure a unified program.