Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Solution

In today’s business environment where ‘good’ is never ‘good enough’ and ‘change is the only constant’, Business Intelligence solution have become a critical catalyst in ensuring sustained growth and a competitive edge. At the same time, ever changing business needs to pose a significant challenge to the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence implementations. Various studies done on BI implementations in the past decade indicate that more than 60 % implementations have failed to realize the envisaged value, unable to accommodate dynamic business requirements. Asterminds strongly believes in building Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing systems with nimble, scalable, and resilient architecture providing actionable information thus helping you to ensure success of your Business Intelligence initiatives.

Asterminds business backward approach, focusing on in-depth understanding of functional domain, will help you unlock the potential in your organization's data to support quick and effective decision-making. Our robust execution methodologies and proprietary RUBIC framework of reusable components, incorporate tried and tested architecture and design principles. This ensures a faster ‘time to market’ while delivering an agile information architecture thus helping you realize the expected return on your BI investments.

Our service offerings cover the entire spectrum of data warehousing and business intelligence solution lifecycle. Our consulting services will help you define your business intelligence roadmap and performance management framework. The application development services will enable you to realize your current and future information needs by helping you build a future ready business intelligence platform. Our application maintenance and support services enables in maintenance and evolution of existing Business Intelligence solutions. Business Intelligence services include maintenance and support as well as enhancements ranging from day to day fixes to large scale activities like Tool / Platform Migration, system re-architecture and Consolidation.

We focus on extensive cross training of our consultants across various data warehousing technologies and domains. This helps our consultants in designing architecture components which are in absolute harmony making the whole greater than the sum. It also helps us cross apply the best practice and design principles realized on one technology platform to the other.

Our Centre of Excellences (COEs) act as prime movers in identifying the future direction, emerging trends and challenges in the Business Intelligence space and help you build a future ready Business Intelligence platform. These COEs ensure that our extensive experience in building large multi country Business Intelligence solutions is channelized and leveraged to help deliver world class information architecture.