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Staffing and recruiting companies are committed to bring the right people and the right companies together. Whether you are looking for a temporary, contract, part-time, or permanent position, working with a staffing company is an easy way to improve your job search. A successful career needs not only hard work but also the right path which requires connections. Knowing the right people in the right places—and knowing how to expertly market one's skills and abilities to decision makers which is essential to advance a career for long term.

Here are some of the reasons why we can consider working for staffing Organizations

Get the inside scoop on new openings

Staffing companies work with a variety of companies. Many businesses turn to staffing companies to fill certain positions and never advertise the opening themselves.

Save time

Staffing companies specialize in position types, areas, industries, or even companies. Thus, they know the job market and know the cultures on the companies for which they are recruiting.

If you are looking for time to live life while still making ends meet, working with a staffing company could be the best career move you ever make. Staffing companies place you in part-time or contract work that fits your life.

Maybe you want to take a trip to Europe for a month or maybe you need the summers off to watch your kids while school's out. Either way, a staffing company can help you find a project or company that is right for you. Work part time and get benefits

When you go on temporary assignments for a staffing company, you are normally employed by the staffing company and could be eligible for vacation, holidays, health insurance, retirement plans, and more…….

Never get bored

As an employee of a staffing company, you get to select the short-term assignments you want to take. You get the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and with different people on numerous projects and tasks. The opportunities are endless

Consultant Care

Today's business environment offers many challenging and rewarding opportunities. Technical consulting has been heralded as the career choice for the future – offering both flexibility and the promise of ongoing professional development. As a technical consultant, you will gain exposure to the methodologies employed by different organizations, and have an opportunity to work with a variety of information systems and technologies. This diverse working knowledge and experience translates into marketable skills that can prove invaluable in today's competitive job market. Placing yourself to take advantage of these opportunities requires an alliance with the right consulting firm. AsterMinds Enterprise Solutions is a recognized staffing firm in quality information systems and consulting.

Competitive Salaries

We expertise in knowledge of current market rates is your assurance that the salary we help negotiate will be competitive. Many times individuals realize increased earning potential as a technical consultant. This holds true especially if you possess leading-edgeskills.

Health Benefits

AsterMinds is committed to offer a benefits package that works for our consultants. We provide Medical insurance and an employer-assisted medical plan – both at minimal cost.

Quality Assurance Program

We value our professional reputation and that of our consultants. We have developed a comprehensive quality assurance program to ensure client satisfaction for each assignment. Our full-time Placement Assurance Manager contacts clients and consultants on a frequent basis to facilitate open communication. This approach to customer satisfaction reduces many miscommunications that can interfere with the consultant's ability to provide world-class service to the client.

Training Credits

Consultants of AsterMinds have the opportunity to learn new skills and technologies through use of trainings provided by the experts from the market.

Market Strength– Quality Reputation

As a consultant, it is important to align yourself with an organization that enhances your work credentials. We make a significant investment in personnel and quality procedures to maintain our industry reputation. The calibre of our service over the past four years is evident in the many letters of commendation received from clients and consultants alike.

Our Commitment

AsterMinds is committed to provide an outstanding working environment for the consulting community by offering the security that comes from working for a stable organization, coupled with the flexibility and opportunity to expand your professional skills. Our focus, as a firm, is the same as yours, solving client problems. To do this we carefully engage Consultants with the appropriate skills on projects where their specific skills are required and we offer flexible benefits that allows you to select the benefits you need. As an AsterMinds consultant, you receive access to various tools to help you continually improve your skills.

Training and Development

We help employees in achieving their personal goals.
We sponsor 2 Relevant Training sessions Per financial year*
We offer various well-recognized certifications to the suitable candidates*
We help maintain the team's contribution at a level suitable to the organization's needs.
We ensure that candidates are ethically and socially responsible

Interview Skill Development & Support Going for a job!

To look at all the factors that affect an interview situation
To help delegates prepare an effective personal statement
To raise delegate's awareness of the impression they make and how to change it
To look at different sorts of questions and how to deal with them
To explore ways of using rejection to feed success

Define your Career Path

Analysing your strengths and weaknesses
Writing an effective resume
Analyse your current and future lifestyle
Analyse your passions

AsterMinds Concierge Services - Mitr

To help employees deal with personal commitments during working days
Bill Payments (Telephone/ APSEB/ Credit Card/ Cheque Pick up- Drops etc.)
Travel & Entertainment Bookings
Government Services- PF/ Taxation/Passport/ Immigration Assistance Services
Legal Advice –Assistance