Fully Outsourced Recruitment

When a client wants to focus on the core functions of their business leaving non-core functional areas to experts, they can bank on our services. Our fully outsourced recruitment service passes the management of recruitment to us, the professionals, leaving the client with more time to manage other aspects of their business. Our recruitment team works like an extended HR team employing an in-house strategy, analyzing manpower needs, rolling out an action plan, holding recruitment sessions, conducting technical screening, short-listing and following up on candidates, in short, overseeing the whole process until the new recruit is taken on board. Benefits

Complete end-to-end recruitment cycle managed outside the company

No stress to management ensuring their time can be spent managing core functions

Freedom to technical resources to focus on projects

Savings on hiring and maintaining an in-house IT team when their services may not warrant a full–time/long-term commitment

Better utilization of space with billable resources.