Independent Testing

Predictable Quality through Independent Testing

The face of testing has changed in the last decade. Today, testing is viewed as a strategic enabler that drives customer satisfaction. Testing teams are as involved in ensuring profitability and end-customer satisfaction as any other team. Predictable quality has become the gold standard.

The single focus for Asterminds 2000+ member Testing Business Unit is the delivery of predictable quality through independent testing. Its three pillars of excellence - MindTest, the Testing Academy, and Test Labs -- drive process rigor, competency development, and tools & technology innovation, and are mutually aligned to continually drive down customer cost and risk.

Asterminds Testing Philosophy

The Asterminds Testing Business Unit follows these principles:

• Focus on end-user’s perspective

• Testing starts right in the beginning

• Test management means managing for quality

• The best testing is done by the best people with “testing mindset”

• Leverage testing ecosystem to offer comprehensive testing solutions

• Good governance needs metrics to measure effectiveness

• ROI is not just about cost. It is also about quality, risk, and time to market

Asterminds Testing Services

Asterminds Testing Business Unit offers a comprehensive suite of testing solutions for both enterprise IT and product engineering organizations. Our offerings include test consulting, QA organization assessment, testing CoEs, functional testing, test automation, and specialized testing services, such as performance testing, security testing, and globalization testing.

Asterminds has extensive experience in testing enterprise and technology applications/products in a range of industries and across diversified technologies. With this kind of breadth and depth of experience both in domain and technology combined with our testing capabilities, we have uniquely positioned ourselves to offer testing services from Chip to Cloud.